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Bruce Arnold is South Florida's leading Web 3.0 Designer and Front-End Developer

credits & acknowledgments

  • Music Tracks
    • Maria's Theme from Savage Seven (1968)
    • Silvershine from DanoSongs.com
  • Social Media Icons
  • W3C-Compliant iPad-Ready HTML5 Video/Audio with Dual Flash Fallback
  • Website Accessibility and User Experience

    The content and media of this website have been verified accessible (a) using the latest versions of all five major Windows web browsers on PCs with 3Mbps DSL Internet access; and (b) using the Safari web browser on Apple iPads with MiFi 2200 3G Wireless access. The richness of your experience will be a function of (a) the quality and capacity of your Internet connectivity, and (b) the degree to which your web browser supports W3C HTML5/CSS3 standards and the functionality of Javascript as enhanced by Ajax/jQuery. As to the latter, on a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 representing unacceptable and 5 perfection, we give Mozilla FireFox a 4 ... Góógle Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer a 3 ... and Opera and Apple Safari a 2. (Note: Due to a Mobile Safari bug, CSS scrollbars may not appear on the iPad, but in such cases two-finger scrolling functions. For this website, however, we have overcome that problem by creating jQuery-based scroll buttons to supplant the CSS scrollbars.)

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