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Bruce Arnold is South Florida's leading Web 3.0 Designer and Front-End Developer

ecommerce & mcommerce website design, shopping carts & payment processing

"eCommerce" (or e-commerce) is short for electronic commerce and refers to the buying and selling of products and services via the Internet. Mobile Commerce, M-Commerce, or mCommerce refers to e-commerce transacted over the Web on Internet-capable mobile phones. The e-business technologies involved can include order fulfillment, inventory control and supply chain management, but for most "e-tailers" (online retailers) and ecommerce website templates the focus is on credit card merchant accounts, online shopping carts, and secure payment processing gateways.

Technology is a pervasive aspect of e-tail web development, but technology is not where we will begin the discussion when you inquire about ecommerce website design. Instead, we'll ask:

  • What do you want to sell?
  • Who do you want to sell it to?
  • Why should they buy it from you?

Your answers will tell us not only which e-commerce solutions you need but also how best to design your web pages so that they will successfully attract qualified traffic, i.e. customers looking to purchase what you have to offer.

Do you want to sell products and/or receive payments online simply and securely?

If so, call 786-326-8079 for a free, no-obligation meeting or consultation with Bruce Arnold, South Florida's exclusive source for Web 3.0-ready ecommerce solutions.

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