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adobe flash to html, css & javascript website conversions

A significant number of our web redesign projects are "Flash-to-HTML conversions". When Adobe Flash technology was first introduced, it enabled a level of animation and interactivity that was otherwise unattainable through conventional HTML, CSS or even Javascript. And for that reason, Flash-based intros and embeds soon became popular across the Web and pervasive in online advertising. But for the "pizazz" of flash, website owners pay a price:

  • First, Flash objects are often large and take a long time to download, causing many web surfers on slow or congested Internet connections to lose patience and "click away".
  • Second, Flash plugins are not enabled or even available for all web browsers and user agents, notable among those being the Apple iPad.
  • Third, Flash files are difficult if not impossible for search engine spiders to crawl and index, which is why all-flash websites are said to be "search engine suicide".

Fortunately, with the animation and interactivity afforded by modern web standards and technologies like HTML5 video/audio, CSS3 and Ajax/jQuery, comparable pizazz can now be offered in a "Flash-free", search-friendly, standards-compliant and cross-browser compatible format, meaning that the all-flash website owners we convert to W3C-compliant tableless HTML5 and CSS3 get all the pizazz they want plus high visibility and broad accessibility.

Did the flash site you tried prove to be search engine suicide?

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