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Bruce Arnold is South Florida's leading Web 3.0 Designer and Front-End Developer

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Front-end development (a.k.a. client-side development) is a rapidly-maturing Internet discipline that requires, as one writer eloquently put it, "both aesthetic sensitivity and programmatic rigor". A front-end developer is a website, web page and Mobile Web applications designer who must exercise both sides of his brain and function equally well in the roles of digital graphics artist, copy writer and interactive media producer as well as computer programmer and software engineer. With every project, the front-end developer's goal must be to seek the best blend of art and science--and apply the right mix of creativity, ergonomics and structured logic--so as to deliver an ideal balance of aethestic appeal with broad accessibility and reliably robust functionality.

The W3C Semantic Web Initiative or "Web 3.0" provides front-end developers and their clients with an invaluable framework of objective standards and guidelines in the areas of content, format, behavior, accessibility, semantics, syndication and links. By leveraging this framework, our professional front-end developers effectively and efficiently apply PHP/MySQL, Unobtrusive Javascript, Ajax/jQuery and RDF/RSS/XML in the design and engineering of business marketing websites and secure ecommerce solutions that meet or exceed the highest quality assurance standards and performance expectations.

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