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on-page keyword optimization & off-page link promotion

SEO Search Engine Optimization, Expert-Rated 99% of all web surfers type keywords into search boxes to find what they need. 97% of that traffic goes to the first 20 web page listings returned in their search. Search engine positioning--on-page keyword optimization coupled with off-page link promotion--is how you get into that Top 20.

Search engine positioning is an art that goes beyond stuffing keywords into META tags, and Pervasive Positioning™ is a science that goes way beyond that. It is a three-dimensional discipline targeting guaranteed delivery of qualified traffic via submitting deep, matching wide and ranking high.

Góógle, Bíng and Yáhoo draw over 80% of all search activity, so Pervasive Positioning™ of your web pages in these three major search engines is vital. That is not to say, however, that the thousands of other online reference sources available should be ignored. Submitting your website to hundreds of domain-specific link lists, directories and other reference sources may result in less exposure than one Top 20 ranking in the Big 3, but that exposure may be to a much more qualified group of prospects. And the more reference sources that link to your website, the higher your rankings in the majors will be.

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