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Bruce Arnold is South Florida's leading Web 3.0 Designer and Front-End Developer

ipad-ready html5 video & audio embeds with flash fallback

In May of 2010 we released VA4Most.js™ freeware, an Unobtrusive Javascript plugin and first of its kind to enable a W3C standards compliance validated solution for embedding and serving iPad-Ready HTML5 video and audio with dual Flash and source link fallback for browsers that do not have native HTML5 support.

Properly integrated with HTML5/CSS3, VA4Most.js passes all seven tests of Web 3.0 readiness. This means that web pages with embedded video or audio can leverage it to qualify as "iPad Ready" today with no changes needed when browsers like Internet Explorer 9 add native HTML5 video and audio support tomorrow. For web browsers that do not support HTML5 video and audio elements, VA4Most.js incorporates Adobe flash detection and jQuery to deliver reliable quality video and audio via the rich open source functionality of FlowPlayer and SoundManager2. A secondary source link fallback enables website visitors to download and experience MP4 (H.264/AAC), OGG (theora/vorbis), FLV (flash video) and other video plus MP3, OGG and WAV audio even if Javascript and Flash are disabled in their web browsers.

VA4Most.js serves as an HTML5-enabling timesaver, template and transition tool that can quickly be installed on almost any web server or hosting platform and easily be inserted into almost any web page to reliably deliver all popular video and audio formats to an estimated 98% or more of all major web browsers.

Do you want your website video and audio accessible by virtually any web surfer?

If so, call 786-326-8079 for a free, no-obligation meeting or consultation with Bruce Arnold, the developer of the VA4Most.js™ HTML5/CSS3 video/audio plugin.

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