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mobile web pages are more accessible than iPhone apps

Mobile Website Designer Miami Florida, Expert-Rated In early 2011 Microsoft Tag estimated there were more than 4 billion mobile phones in use worldwide, that a growing 27% of them were "smartphones", and that by 2014 mobile internet usage will exceed desktop usage. And in the U.S., according to Nielsen surveys released at the 2011 App Nation conference in San Francisco, 36% of mobile consumers now have smartphones with the majority running Android OS (36%), Apple iOS (26%) or RIM Blackberry OS (23%). This means that despite all the buzz about iPhone Apps, they are only accessible to 9.36% (26% of 36%) of the U.S. mobile market, and globally only 27% of all mobile phone users have access to mobile apps of any sort. Mobile web browsers like the Openwave microbrowser, on the other hand, have been available since 1997. Since 2006, many cell phone browsers have supported "W3C MobileOK" XHTML/CSS. And with the advent of cross-platform smartphone browsers like Opera Mobile and HTML5/CSS3, the wisdom of investing in iPhone Apps, Android Apps or any platform-specific mobile app for m-commerce comes into question. We agree with this assessment by VisionMobile.com:

Mobile Apps Development Miami Florida, Expert-Rated "Mobile Web is fast becoming the de-facto cross-platform choice for developers, especially now that [Flash is] waning. In addition, there is a veritable host of HTML-to-native development tools that are helping HTML/JavaScript developers target smartphone native app markets."

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