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Bruce Arnold is South Florida's leading Web 3.0 Designer and Front-End Developer

photoshop image slicing & psd to html5/css3 conversions

Web 3.0 design for the Semantic Web is more science than art, and therefore more objective than subjective. Aesthetics or "look and feel", on the other hand, can be the exception and converse of that rule. And on the Web, of course, a picture can easily be worth a thousand words.

If you have PSD, PSP, GIF, JPEG, PNG or other images you want incorporated into the design of your web pages or website template, we can certainly accommodate them. And if you have a mockup of your website developed in Adobe Photoshop or with any other digital graphics design software, we can either use it as the model for your web design or literally slice the image and combine it with custom, hand-coded tableless XHTML and CSS (HTML5/CSS3) to produce fully functional web pages that match your mockup right down to the last pixel.

Call it what you like--image slicing, PSD to CSS, PSD to HTML, PSD to XHTML, etc.--our professional PSD conversion services begin with your visual concepts or graphic artwork and end with our development and delivery of an attractive, robust and fully-functional website consisting of W3C standards compliance validated and Web 3.0-ready tableless HTML5 source (dynamic PHP/MySQL), CSS3 stylesheets, and Unobtrusive Javascript/jQuery.

Do you want a winning Web 3.0 website template based on your mockup, PSD or other image?

If so, call 786-326-8079 for a free, no-obligation meeting or consultation with Bruce Arnold, South Florida's preferred provider of image slicing for PSD conversions.

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