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SEO Search Engine Optimization, Expert-Rated The first questions website virgins usually ask are "How much does a website cost?" and "What do your websites look like?" Unfortunately for them, neither of these are included in what seasoned web marketing experts consider the right "Ten Questions to Ask Your (Next) Web Designer". Here is why: As to the first question, web design is not a commodity priced like so much salt or sugar. If someone gives you a quote without first researching your requirements and alternatives, they are selling you "what they have" and not "what you need". Compare it to buying a men's suit: If what fits is a 44 Long and the only thing on their rack are 38 Shorts, "cost" is a poor criterion indeed.

As to the second question, websites are not art pieces to be selected solely on aesthetics. Effective websites are custom-tailored ... designed "from scratch" ... to deliver the highest possible ROI given your value proposition and market potential. And what "looks good" or "worked well" for another business in a different market is no indicator of what's best for you. Instead of guessing what your web design could look like, find out what it should look like. And instead of asking about cost, ask about expected return on your investment. And if that investment does not include search optimization for visibility and traffic generation, understand that either (a) you are not looking at your total investment, or (b) your return could be zero.

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