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social media integration & branded profile creation

Almost every social media site offers if not requires you to create a "profile" of yourself or your organization in order to participate in social messaging and networking activities such as blogging, microblogging (status posting or "tweeting"), commenting, endorsing as a fan, friend or favorite, "liking", following, bookmarking or voting. And just like the sign in front of your store ... the business directory in the lobby of your office building ... the logo on your letterhead and business cards ... or the signature on your emails, social media profile pages present an excellent branding opportunity.

As this branded profile illustrates, the layouts are often limited and fraught with fantasy and frivolity, but their potential value from a social media marketing perspective is serious enough: All of your social messaging content and networking activities are linked to your profiles, and through them the interest they generate can be converted and channeled as qualified traffic to your website. Conversely, by seamlessly integrating social media into your web pages you can encourage visitors to "share" your value proposition and promote your website by posting comments and adding social bookmarks that create valuable links and further enhance your social network penetration and social media visibility.

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