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Of the Top 20 English-language websites worldwide, 6 are search engines and 10 are social networking sites. So if you're serious about getting found and getting traffic in the Web 3.0 world, high visibility in both of these venues should be a top priority. This survey made note of the ongoing boom in social media marketing, pointing out that almost "...one out of five small business owners actively uses social media. The main types of social media uses include:

  • A company page on a social networking site (75 percent)
  • Posting [ on sites like YouTube ] (69 percent)
  • Building a network [ on sites like Fakebóók ] (57 percent)
  • Monitoring feedback about the business (54 percent)
  • Maintaining a blog (39 percent)
  • Tweeting about areas of expertise (26 percent)
  • Using Twitter as a service channel (16 percent)"

Not all enterprises earned ROI from their social media commitment, however, with 50% of those surveyed claiming it took more time than they expected. The challenge for all, of course, is to take a medium that measures success in "likes", "fans" and "friends" and instead focus on real, bankable business results.

Do you want social media marketing ROI measurable in dollars and "sense"?

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