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HTML5 Developers Miami HTML5 Designers, Expert-Rated Tableless HTML5/CSS3 design avoids the deprecated practice of using HTML <table> constructs for page layout. Instead, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to format web pages. Web 3.0 designers leverage the advantages of restricting the use of HTML tables to their intended semantic purpose, i.e. the laying out of tabular data. These advantages include improved accessibility of the information to a broader range of users and a wider variety of user agents. There are bandwidth savings as large numbers of semantically meaningless tags are removed from the HTML source leaving fewer but more meaningful headings, paragraphs and lists. Layout instructions are segregated into CSS stylesheets which can be cached for reuse as each visitor navigates the site.

CSS3 Designers Miami CSS3 Developers, Expert-Rated Many web developers have yet to remove tables from their web page layouts, while many others have become reluctant to introduce a simple HTML table even where it might make sense to do so. Savvy web developers use tableless web layouts to separate syntax from semantics whenever it is practicable.

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