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"Web 3.0" refers to an official World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) initiative known as the "Semantic Web". In a nutshell, the Semantic Web is about two things:

  • Common standards and formats for the integration and combination of data drawn from diverse sources.
  • A language for recording how data relates to real world objects that allows either a person or a machine to find and follow threads of context connected simply by relevance.

The Semantic Web ushers in a new wave of issues and opportunities for Internet marketing and ecommerce. The implications for business websites like yours are both pervasive and permanent: Aggressive optimization and appealing aesthetics will no longer be enough to assure web success or even online survival. Web pages--i.e. their source, programming and stylesheets--must be "machine-friendly" underneath as well as "people-friendly" on the surface. Their format and behavior must be compatible with a broad range of devices and applications, just as their layout and content must be compelling to as many qualified prospects, clients and customers as possible. And websites whose resources do not comply with all W3C coding standards and WAI accessibility guidelines ... or whose templates do not leverage tableless HTML5/CSS3 and Unobtrusive Javascript, jQuery and Ajax to separate content, format and behavior ... will limit their traffic and conversion potentials.

Do you want a website that is Web 3.0-ready to deliver bottom-line results?

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