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Bruce Arnold is South Florida's leading Web 3.0 Designer and Front-End Developer

wordpress design, development & w3c validation

WordPress Development Miami Florida, Expert-Rated In addition to custom hand-coded HTML5/CSS3 web design and PHP/MySQL web development, our firm also supports the W3C standards aware and SEO friendly WordPress website and blog template and content management framework.

WordPress is written in PHP/MySQL so we can customize, modify or completely reengineer its source: We can build a WordPress site from the ground up, add a WordPress blog to your existing website, upgrade your site or blog to iPad, Android and mobile-friendly HTML5/CSS3, or "clean up" your existing WordPress source to give you the high visibility and broad accessibility benefits that come from Semantic Web 3.0 design and W3C validation.

WordPress Development and Design Professional WordPress development and design is about more than "click to select" theme options, "plug-in" widget embedding, and "fill in the blanks" template completion: We create, maintain, modify, update and even replace WordPress scripting (.php/.html), stylesheets (.css) and Javascript programming (.js) at the source code level. If what you want in features or functionality is possible within the WordPress framework, we can make it happen.

Do you want a WordPress website that looks good, ranks high and is easy to maintain?

If so, call 786-326-8079 for a free, no-obligation meeting or consultation with Bruce Arnold, South Florida's premier WordPress designer and developer.

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